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The only people up at 3 am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three.

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Its only been 11 hours since ive seen my boyfriend, but i feel so lonely and stupid stuff idfk. This is the first time ive been alone without him since weve had a relationship. Im laying in bed waiting for him to come into the room, say “hey BB,” or “whatcha doin, pretty girl?” But hes not here, so im sad about it. Hes at my homestate without me, for work, and im so proud of him and also really worried. His phone just got cutoff so i cant talk to him without wifi. I really dont know how im gunna survive this week. Usually we hang out with a bunch of people, but i didnt realize till he left that none of those people would hang out with me without lakin there, and that makes me incredibly sad.

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Zoom i like dresses :3

i like dresses :3

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Ok, so. Right now I am sittin in a car at work waiting for clothes to arrive for me to change into. I was called to HR and was told that someone found my outfit offensive. I wouldnt usually have a problem with this, but I do right now. I never wear good clothes, or anything nice at all. I usually cant afford to get anything like that. I spent a long time trying to find heels i could wear at work. We dont have a dress code except for the obvious stuff, and close toed shoes. I finally found them and bought a cute dress to go along with it. Other dresses i have worn at work are shorter, show more cleavage, and are old and shitty. I dont understand how someone is offended by this outfit rather than my other outfits. I just feel a bit put down, honestly. I was trying to help myself with my confidence by wearing something a tad more flashy, such as these spiked heels. I just wish i wasnt always running into these issues. How can girls be allowed to wear yoga pants? They show waaaaay more that dresses do. Theyre thin and skin tight. How does that make sense? This dress is not skin tight, and has three layers of fabric.

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Zoom failgecko:

B-chan. Haha


B-chan. Haha

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If you never had a crush on Danny Phantom you’re a liar and I hate you

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Back to painting my screaming Gamzee.
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